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Servicing traditional shops, schools and institutions, finished ware producers, potters and paint your own pottery studios all over the world, The Pottery Consultant, an art and craft consulting company, strives to provide education, product and excellent customer service. We have helped over 1000 new ceramic businesses (over 600 of them Paint your own Pottery studios) open their studios and shops, set up classrooms and home based venues and continue to aid them in product, marketing and education.

     Connie Speer heads up the Contemporary, also called Paint Your Own Pottery Studio, new business division. In 1996, Ms. Speer created customized start up packages and one on one consulting programs for new paint your own pottery studios emphasizing product selection and education, marketing, and on-going support for the financial and technical success of her clients. Ms. Speer believes in a hands-on, one-on-one support system for her clients, rejecting the industry standard of a one-size-fits-all ceramic start-up equipment and supplies and consulting package.

Helping to open over 600 new paint your own pottery studios since 1996, Connie constantly works to update and modify each new customer’s consulting package making it better than the one before. Using location demographics, studio square footage, time of year opening and customer budget, each new studio’s start up pottery package is unique. Brands are not dictated, rather they are customer selected after education.

With her backgrounds in Art and Ceramics, Retail and Wholesale Business Practices, Marketing and Advertising, Entertainment, Business Management, Bookkeeping, Education, Personal Training and Movie Production, she is uniquely qualified to help new Paint Your Own Pottery and Art Studios open their own businesses.

     Paint Your Own Pottery and Art/Craft consulting programs can be designed for your unique needs so you can add Connie at whatever stage of planning you need or desire.

     The Full Consultation Package includes, but is not limited to:
Location analysis and selection, business plan administration including startup budget and cash flow projections, letters of intent, marketing mailing lists, marketing materials, personal financial statements, resumes, aiding in loan procurement process for both conventional loans and SBA loans, lease negotiations, purchasing store fixtures, floor plan layouts for fixtures and electrical, marketing, public relations, advertising, merchandising, product education, expanding studio to include other crafts such as mosaics, canvas painting, glass fusing, jewelry, potter’s wheels and/or clay handbuilding, planning grand openings, real-time test-firing and dipping, lesson plans and art curriculum, fundraising, pottery to go programs, mobile studios, product display and serving education, bisque selection and pricing, party packages, kiln maintenance, and on-going mental and emotional support and troubleshooting for as long as a client owns their studio.  Her dedication and commitment to her clients has made The Pottery Consultant the most sought after new contemporary studio supplier and consultant and the most recommended by manufacturers, suppliers and studios in the industry.

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The Pottery Consultant is a division of American Ceramic Supply Co.
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