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Mobile Pottery Studio?
Think Avon. Think Pampered Chef.
Think Pampered Pottery!

If you are thinking about opening a paint your own pottery studio, but due to:
a) low population demographics in your area
b) low credit score or low net worth - can’t get a loan?
c) unsure if this is what you want to do
then beginning your new paint your own pottery business
as a mobile studio might be a great choice for you.

Most people operate out of their homes. Some choose to acquire a very small rental space. When you understand the full startup costs of a storefront and that a mobile studio might only cost about one fifth to one tenth of a storefront, then it sure seems like a good idea. IF you can make a mobile paint your own pottery studio successful, then you are probably a good candidate for a storefront. Not always, and yes, there are many topics to discuss before leaping into the fray.

But maybe that makes a Mobile Paint Your Own Pottery Studio a great place to start for you.
If you would like to discuss opening a mobile paint your own pottery studio, first, read all the articles, references and other information here on our Pottery Consultant web site. After you have done all that, please
e-mail us to set up a time for our initial consulting session. Or if you would like to get your feet wet and get some intensive paint your own pottery training, click here to find out more about our next upcoming training sessions for paint your own pottery, clay hand building, and glass fusing studios.

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