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     We have the BEST start-up and expansion equipment and supplies packages for Paint Your Own Pottery or Contemporary Studios! Best discounts in the industry! Everything you need-kilns, color, glaze, brushes, accessories-an all customized package just for you! Let us put together for you a customized Home Based Studio-$6,500.00! Small Studio-$9,800.00! Large Studio-$14,850.00! Serious Studio-$21,900.00! These aren’t fixed prices, they are averages.  Your start-up package is custom designed depending on your location, square footage, time of year you open and your budget. You choose your brands and we work with you to make sure you’re getting just what you need within the budgets above.

     Full Consulting and full education options are also available from business plans and set up of studio to on site education and training. We typically spend around 150 plus hours with a full consulting customer. Most of these studio customers come here to our facilities for a private custom five-six day training.  We also offer an 
intensive 6 day training program to pottery studio customers who may not want or need our full consulting program. We are the most recommended consultants and suppliers for new paint your own pottery studios.
     If you are in the initial stages of considering opening a paint-your-own-pottery studio, check out our 
articles on Opening a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio. They have tons of preliminary information if you are in your beginning research phase.   We have helped open over 600 paint-your-own-pottery studios all over the world. That’s a lot of experience! And we are NOT a franchise. We are a consulting and supplies business  for art and craft companies - for individuals that are true entrepreneurs. We believe in the dream of opening and running your very own studio without being tied to a franchise. In fact, we do as much work, if not more, for less than half of what most franchises will charge you. And you don’t keep owing us money as long as you own your studio, but guess what? You get to keep us, as long as you continue to own your studio (we are not transferable to a new owner should you decide one day to sell). We have customers that we helped open over 20 years ago that continue to look to us for technical, marketing and sometimes, emotional support.  Read what just a few of our customers have to say! Also, if you are thinking about using us to help you open, e-mail for updated list of new and old references and satisfied and profitable customers from all over the world - that’s right, the world! We were the first customized consulting company for new studios - we’re the innovators with more experience than all the rest - our consulting programs and packages are copied by everyone! (Yes, we are so flattered.) We are the number one most recommended pottery consultants by studios, manufacturers, suppliers in this industry - just ask our customers. Nobody does it better or truly cares more for you.

The below list certainly doesn’t cover everything we do in our full consulting program, but hopefully it will give you an idea of some of the areas we will be helping you with in opening your very own studio.

Your Business Plan
     Executive Summary & Company Description
     Marketing Analysis and Strategies
     Products and Services
     Management & Key Staff
     Risk Analysis
     Operation Procedures
Startup Budget and Capital Requests
Cash Flow Projections
Staff Scheduling
Event Forecasting
Landlord Letters of Intent
Marketing Materials
Mailing Lists
Funding - Conventional vs SBA Loans
    (Our Business Plans are already in SBA approved format for you)
Location Analysis & Comparison
Site Selection
Lease Negotiations
Floor Plans
Working with Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers
Working with Cities - Permits, Codes
Photo Gallery - Learning the Fixtures, Processes & Offerings of your business
Where to Shop for all your Fixtures
Supply Resources
Visual Merchandising
Pricing Bisque and other Product
Adding Retail Crafts such as Mosaics, Glass, Canvas Painting, Clay & more
Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising - Campaigns
Education and Training for You and your Staff
     Dipping, Loading, Firing, Safety, Processes
Bookkeeping - Quickbooks
Licensing for Music and other Media
Tips and Techniques
Goal Setting
Planning Ahead with Processes and Systems Strategies
Fundraising, Art Camps, Auctions
Parties, Pottery to Go, Pampered Pottery
Working with Partners
Moving your Business
Custom 65 Page Operations/Training Manual for Owner/Manager/Staff
.....and SO MUCH MORE!

And you’ll love this - every thing we do and every step of the way - everything is customized to your own unique and
individual needs based on where you are - city, state, time of year you open, budget and even your own personality taking
into account your strengths (and weaknesses!) And if we are working with you in a full consulting capacity, we have a strict policy not to help someone else open in your backyard  without your permission based on your area square footage and population demographics.
Note - this does not apply to studios that come to American for group training. 
     Do we sound too good to be true? 
Ask our customers! for yourself.

   Our company is based on genuinely wanting to help our customers be successful, profitable and happy.
We strive every single day to continue to do just that through continuing to learn ourselves, sending new and updated
informations, answering the phones, calling and e-mailing and being there for our customers. Our customers even get our home phone numbers!

     Keep checking back - after having most of these pages informations on the web site for American Ceramic Supply
Company for the past 20 years, we launched this site 20 years ago - The Pottery Consultant. We will be adding so much more,
but in the meantime, please feel free to read everything on this site, maybe even visit and then e-mail us
if you think you are ready to set up a time to talk. And no, we are not going to just quote our consulting fees over the e-mail.
If you are interested in our full consulting program, after an initial full discovery consulting session, we can quote your consulting fee for opening your business based on your needs - a little bit of help or a whole lot of help. We cover quite a bit of info in this initial call - from demographics of your area and competition, to how you will work with the landord, the banks, your background and family, your own time lines and of course, what all we would do for you if you were to hire us. We typically spend anywhere from one and up to two hours with a prospective client during this call and only charge $50.00 - after all, this is your future and your money! We think it is a very important call. Good news for you - this courtesy fee for our time and information is deducted off your consulting fee should you decide to hire us OR taken off a customized paint your own pottery, clay or glass fusing start up package if you buy a custom package from American. Check around - American has some of the best discounts in this industry - and best yet, actually knows what you need and what you don’t need since we have helped open over 600 studios. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about this call:
Thank you so much for your initial consultation call yesterday. I was very impressed with your thoroughness, frankness and professionalism.
I call tell you are in the business to help me make the right decisions for me and not just to get me to sign on the bottom line.
You not just asked questions; you asked tough but important ones, no matter how difficult they might be. The $50 fee is more than fair.
Either I paid a no-risk $50 to finally cross this project off my list and save thousands of dollars or I take an inexpensive next step to follow my
dream.” Lisa Morrissett
     “I just wanted to thank you for the hour and a half you spent with me on the phone last night. What an eye opener! I had no idea you would go over so much business ‘need to know’ information about opening a new business. If I had not talked to you, I would have been so dumb. Thank you for helping me - that $50.00 call was worth $500.00! “ Michele Mackie

     “My wife and I want to express our thanks for your honesty and kindness with that initial discovery call. Nice to find out there are people that do care. We are so excited” Aaron and Joan Hale

E-mail us soon to set up a time for your initial discovery consulting call - We can’t wait to talk to you - we loooove what we do!
Convinced you don’t need a full consulting program covering locations and landlords,
leases, business plan and cash flow projections, floor plans, marketing campaigns, operations
manual? But could use some real time hands-on education for: kilns - wiring, prepping, loading,
firing - dipping, painting, processes in the studio -

click here for preliminary info on our next 6 day intensive Paint Your Own Pottery Training Camp.

Aalthough we take you through the process step-by-step, if you are in need of more information now on choosing a kiln, planning your kiln room or maintaining your kiln,
you can go to these pages and read some preliminary facts.

How to Lay Out your Kiln Room
This information has been provided by Skutt Kilns and reprinted with their express permission

Did you know we have a complete Glass Fusing Program for our customers that would like to add Glass to their product offering? We have made it sooo easy and affordable.
So check back or 
e-mail Connie now!




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