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Connie Speer - The Pottery Consultant
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The Pottery Nook
Kim Winfrey

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Indigo Fire
Suchi Mumford

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The Art Studio
Sheila Cook

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Hands On Pottery
Robin Dober

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My Creative Space
Myriam Van Steenlandt

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Firefly Pottery Studio
Dave & Nicole Nickel

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Hjem og Hjerte
Kine Steen-Delacorn

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Pickles & Pottery
Becky Pickles

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Make Expression
Amit & Dipali Parikh

Video Reference

     Connie, What an amazing week my husband and I had taking these classes.  You really do provide us with everything we will need to know to open our own PYOP with glass fusing.  Your articles and handouts match well with your hands on approach to learning. Greg and I truly feel that we have the tools and knowledge to open our own business.  You think about and warn us of all the "little things" that  never have would crossed my mind until too late.  Greg and I took this class to see if paint your own pottery was what we really wanted to do with our retirement/ second careers and we left even more excited than when we arrived in Texas. We cannot thank you enough for sharing your experience, insight and humor with us and we look forward to working with you for years to come. 
Gregory and Samantha Armitstead
R U Feeling Crafty

     My name is Nora ChaiRae Himpler and I own The Painter’s Pot in Richmond California.  In June of 2013 my sister-in-law and I went to the 6 day intensive training program.  We had the soft opening of our studio in November and our Grand Opening on Dec. 14, 2013. 
     Looking back, now knowing the benefit of the information shared in the class, I would safely spend twice as much as I did before.  The class is dense with useful information, so much so that we’ve discussed returning to the class.  My sister-in-law and I both refer to the manual we received often. 
     Running a successful business is difficult and the guidance we received both for opening and running the business has proven useful and exceedingly valuable.  Everything from how to set up your color bar, to the need for a business plan to what your opening order needs to be.  This information is available in other locations however her ability to craft a working plan that is specific to YOUR demographic, size of your studio and who you are as an owner is a service I haven’t found anywhere else.  Having all this information available in one place was both a time and money saver.
Many, many thanks.
Nora –
The Painter’s Pot

     I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the amazing days of learning. When I arrived Tuesday morning, and heard all the different terms being used, I thought I was up the creek without a paddle.  Now, I feel as if I have been running a studio for years, have all the experience to foresee any disasters, as well as the knowledge to hire and train a great staff!! The warmth and guidance that you have given me are truly priceless!!!  I feel like I can take on the world!! Again, words alone are not enough thanks.
The Art Garage

     Connie is the best!  While looking for information to open a PYOP studio, my daughter and I discovered American Ceramics and The Pottery Consultant. After talking to Connie, we decided that we would take the one on one training.  It was a great experience. We learned so much in the time we were there.  Connie is very matter of fact about the process of opening a studio and her guidance has helped us enormously.  We have taken our time to research all the aspects of opening our own studio and feel we have the knowledge, thanks to Connie, to make it successful.  We also know that if we do run into any problems she is just a phone call away and, with her extensive background in ceramics and glass, she will know the solution.  We would recommend to anyone thinking about opening their own studio to spend the time with Connie.
Anita and Nicole
Vancouver Canada

     I attended Connie's training program in both the PYOP and the Glass Fusing. After 5 days of information and hands on training, I am 100% convinced that I could NOT have opened my Studio correctly without the knowledge she provided. If you want to do it right, start with Connie's training classes first.
Gretchen Kluz
The Clay House

     Thank you SO much!  What a unique experience!  We are so fortunate to have you and American Ceramics in our “back yard”.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting your staff, the warmth of your organization and of course…the vast wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge of the industry that was expressed over the training days.  It just can’t be better than this, what a jump-start! We sincerely hope this is the beginning of a long lasting relationship!  Thank you for your time, effort and most importantly…your passion!  In everything you taught, your passion was most evident and it was your passion that “spoke” volumes to us!
Many thanks to you,
Jenn –
Walls of Clay

     Awesome!  Connie has done it again!  Being a painting fan and  discovering PYOP,  I did a lot of research.  Not knowing where to start I googled PYOP Studio.  Connie and The Pottery Consultant popped up.  I read all of Connie’s free articles and was impressed with all the information she was giving away!  Before I even had a chance to call and speak with her directly I had already made arrangements to go to her next PYOP Training Class held that May.  The class was invaluable.  Connie knows business. Her knowledge in this field, and in business, is incredibly thorough. She leaves nothing to chance and it’s apparent that she’s willing to share everything to insure that we all succeed.  She has taken the hard work out of setting up a PYOP Studio and will remain by your side through the beginning, middle, end and all the little things that pop up during.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thank you Connie and your staff for everything! 
Tiffoni and George
Pottery to Go

     We just opened our doors to a brand new contemporary DIY art studio and are very excited about it.  Connie, the Paint your own Pottery Consultant at American Ceramic Supply is our consultant who walked us through every step of the process.   She was always there when we needed her and always forthcoming in supporting us with honest guidance...and at times brutally honest when necessary.  With Connie's decades of experience and step by step guides, we prepared an amazing business plan, site construction, operating procedures, training...the whole nine yards.  I could go on and on about how valuable Connie was as our consultant.   Thank you Connie! 
Thank you
Dipali Parikh

     The PYOP training with Connie Speer has been absolutely amazing. The amount of information that she shares with us is above and beyond what I expected to receive. The level of customer service is unheard of in this day and time. I am going home excited about the possibilities for my business and the allies I have formed through the group of classmates is a huge blessing.
Becky McNeese
Bee Creative

     The Intensive Training Camp has given me the necessary materials (and then some), as well as hands on training. The expert, in-depth knowledge is so valuable. Connie is to Paint your own Pottery as Robert Irvine is to restaurateurs. This training far exceeded my expectations. I now know what my next steps should be to prepare properly to open a studio. The entire ACS team took great care of me with every detail from meals, materials, training and sharing their almost 40 years of experience.
Tina George

     Thank you so much for a great training program! I had lots of fun and met wonderful people. Your program is very well structured. I feel ready and enthusiastic about my new business venture. Special thank you to Connie. Your knowledge of business in general is phenomenal. Thank you ACS for being my new business family.  Looking forward to working with you in the future find a great location!
Alla Ionescu
Happy Hands Pottery & Art Studio

     I came to the last workshop in September and it was amazing. Having  been an art studio for children for two years prior, I assumed it  would be so easy to add pottery painting to the mix. You know what they  say about assuming...I am so glad I attended the workshop. It was a  real eye opener. Connie goes over everything in such detail that anyone can understand and really gives you information you never thought you  would need. I left with a clear plan of what I had to do to make my studio successful and cannot wait to add paint your own pottery as a service at our studio.  I promise you will leave with so much information you cannot imagine.
     Being a parent to two small children and having a business, I watch every cent I spend. We have to. Like everyone starting a business and raising a family, you want to know you're getting what you pay for. I can tell you after taking this class, I would've paid double the price. The class was worth every penny.
Great people.
Great family business. They really want you to succeed.
I cannot say enough good things about these women.
Hot Mess Studio

     American Ceramic Supply and the Pottery Consultant is an excellent company. They really make you feel at home and everyone is so nice and friendly. Connie, Ginger and  Ms. Pat are full of knowledge, experience and great to learn from. My  wife and I are planning to open a Paint your own Pottery studio.  I searched the Internet for information and found the Pottery  Consultant. My initial conversation with Connie was very pleasant. She offered a lot of information and not once did she try to sell her training to me. After some more research, I decided to take the  training. I was going to take just the paint your own pottery section of the training first and come back later for the others but decided to bite the bullet and take all three - PYOP, Clay Building, Glass Fusing, Boy... Am I glad I did it! The training is very intensive. No, It was very, very intensive and worth every dollar spent. The way the training is organized and set, even if you have no or limited experience, you will understand it and will learn a lot from it because of the way she teaches. American really cares and gives you a lot of information to bring home to confidently open your studio. Thank you, Connie!
Alan - Glaze-A-Riffic

     When looking for information or advice, I did what most  people do, I googled it and researched the topic. This is how I found  and was introduced to the Pottery Consultant. I was recently laid off after 10 years working in the financial sector. I made the decision to be self employed and knew my county needed a form of entertainment for all ages. I had previously taken my wife on dates to a local PYOP place that was over an hour away. I looked over the demographics and found out that a PYOP would fit in  nicely.
     During the research I kept running into the Pottery Consultant website. It was a wealth of knowledge. When I realized they offered classes I jumped at the opportunity. Class was exactly what I needed to push me in the right direction. I wasn't looking for coddling. I wanted direction from an expert. I didn't want sugar coated answers delivered with kid gloves. I wanted cold hard facts to help me make decisions on PYOP. The no nonsense approach was great. If it was important it was covered in class. It helped fine tune the "common knowledge" and new tricks and tips.
     This class by far was the best money spent as it is very eye opening. But when you are making a life changing event to be self employed, you need it. Sure we had plenty of sidebar conversations and laughs, but in the end we talked shop and went over anything.
     I highly recommend Connie and the Pottery Consultant team, their vast amount of knowledge is unmatched.
Tim Elliott
Brushstrokes Studios

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