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Paint Your Own Pottery
4-6 Day Intensive Training Program

Thinking about Opening a Paint your own Pottery, Glass Fusing, Canvas Painting, Board Art, Clay, Mosaic, or other kind of Art Studio? Not sure where to start? Or do you already have your funding or building? And now you need some hands on how to? Check out our 60 hour PYOP & Art program:

     Learn from the most recommended and most experienced Pottery Art Consultant in this industry. Helping open over 600 studios around the world since 1996, we simply have more experience in opening pottery studios than anyone else. Our group training program was added to our consulting and training options for potential studio owners that want to consider a store front or mobile business and see if this would be a good fit for them. The program is also for business people that just need to know how to handle daily operations, pottery techniques, dipping and firing, pricing structures and other processes. Or do you already have a studio and wish there was some place you could get some proper training?

     Need a Paint your own Pottery Startup Package? In our group program, learn everything you need to know about the equipment, supplies, tools, inventory - and then work with us to pull together your own custom package - choose your brands! - When everything arrives at your location, we continue to assist you with test fires, cone results, pricing, marketing, and on-going tech support as long as you own your studio. Truly a priceless program. It’s no wonder we are number one in the Fired Arts market.

    So if you only want or need hands-on training for loading and firing a kiln, painting pottery projects and techniques, dipping, startup package kilns, vents, color, brushes, bisque and more assortment selection and considerations, processes for pricing and parties, marketing and operations - and strongly feel you do not need our full blown consulting program - then this is for you!
     We originally worked with Mayco Colors in creating the Group Paint Your Own Pottery Boot Camp in Ohio. For three years, the Pottery Consultant flew to Ohio to teach the Training Camp alongside the crew at Mayco. For the past 15 years, the group program has been here at American Ceramic Supply Co. in Fort Worth, Texas - right in the middle of the country with easy access in and out of DFW International Airport. Some studios drive in for this 4-6 day intensive training. We have added to the program and included some of our alliance partners to offer an even more comprehensive paint your own pottery and art studio training experience. Here is an overview - contact and registration info is at the bottom of the page.

The Pottery Consultant - Group Intensive - September 2023 session
Paint Your Own Pottery Studio 6 Day Intensive Training Camp  September 19-24,  2023
We will begin taking deposits on the September session in early to mid June.  Please email 
potteryconsultant@AmericanCeramics.com if you would like to discuss.

September, 2023
Instructors: Connie Speer - The Pottery Consultant
Jim Skutt - Skutt Kilns, Ginger Famigletti- American Glass
Pat Conner - American Ceramics, Sandi Kirkwood - Mayco Colors

September 19 - Tuesday 10 am - 7:30/8:00 pm
Kilns, Kiln Furniture Kits, Venting, Dipping, Storage Rooms,
Studio Layouts, Fixtures, Safety - Equipment and Supplies How To
Bisque Prep, Brush Prep

September 20 - Wednesday 10:00 am - 8:00/9:00 pm (working dinner)
Pottery Painting - Techniques and Processes
Marketing and Advertising, Public Relations, Customer Services
Processes for Pricing Walk-ins, Mobile and Parties

September 21 - Thursday 10 am - 9:00/10:00 pm (working dinner)
Dipping, Loading, Firing
Kilns, Kiln Furniture Kits, Vents, Color, Glaze, Bisque,
Brushes, Books, Decorating Accessories Assortment Planning based on
your square footage, population, demographics, budget and product offering.
Resources, Floor Plans

September 22 - Friday 10 am - 6 pm
Clay Hand Building
Equipment, Supplies, Tools, Classes, Pricing, Projects for Classes, Parties, Art Camps

Glass Fusing - September 23 & 24
Saturday & Sunday  10 am - 8 pm  Combines Beginner, Intermediate and Business Glass Fusing
Foundation, Equipment & Tools, Projects for Walk Ins, Art Camps, Parties, Classes & Retail
Fixtures, Display, Pricing, Firing Programs and Schedules in Glass & Ceramic Kilns

Cost is $975.00 per person for PYOP - 3 Days
$300.00 per person for Clay - 1 Day - discount if taking PYOP and for first & second attendee from same studio
$750.00 per person for Glass Fusing - 2 Days - discount for first & second attendee from same studio
all Materials and Supplies used in the training, 3 Ring Binders of The Pottery Consultant Articles for
Studio Processes including templates for Start Up Budgets, Painting Techniques, Pricing,
Worksheets and Templates, Creating your Operations/Training Manual, Creating your Marketing Campaign

Included: lunch each day, dinner on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday evening

 Marriott Courtyard or Fairfield in Fort Worth - University Drive -La Quinta on Anderson Blvd - recommended
All hotels are only 10-12 minutes from American 2442 Ludelle St Fort Worth, TX 76105
We keep these training programs small so that we can give more individual attention to each attendee -
each studio is indeed unique in terms of square footage, product offering and budget.

Discounts available for multiple training days and additional studio members.
We can discuss details & discounts for clay and glass fusing days over the phone - just e-mail
to set up a day and time for Connie to call you.
30% deposit is required to register.
No refunds are allowed once registration and deposit are paid.

E-mail to set up time to discuss and register.

If you would prefer, one-on-one private training, this can be arranged for
your convenience. Contact Connie Speer at above email link.


Testimonials for Group and Private Training

     “Without your guidance and hands on instructions, we would never have learned the "nitty gritty" of the business. Loading kilns, dipping, firing. Helping us pick bisque, paint, brushes etc. Thanks again Connie, this last year could not have be so good without  your on hands training with both pottery and glass fusing.”
Dan & Theresa Barion - Florida

     “When I first read about Connie's training program I thought it sounded too good to be true. Here was a woman who was willing to teach me everything I needed to know to start my business and would help me along the way.  Not only is Connie very real but her impact on PYOP studios around the country and in the industry is huge. Unbeknownst to me, I had stumbled across a celebrity of the contemporary ceramics industry. Before I left, I called a few studios around the country and sure enough, they had all trained with Connie and were happily running busy studios. The classes were small so we all had a chance to ask questions and be heard. The hands on training was key for me because that's the best way for me to learn. I dipped bisque, tried new painting techniques, loaded and programmed kilns and immersed myself in pottery and glass. The glass fusing was really fun and it's going to be exciting to offer this in my studio when no one in my area is doing this yet. I left feeling thrilled and ready to get my business started. And I left feeling like I had made connections with other start ups and suppliers who I can talk to as I develop my business.”
Suchitra Mumford - Boston

     “The entire workshop was presented in a direct but fun and interesting approach - never a boring moment - full of extremely useful information and well worth the money”
Candice Minnich - South Carolina

     “I just wanted to thank you. You really are amazing with this wonderful personality - you don’t find many people like that these days - You gave me so much confidence. Amazing class - very informative. I am someone who thought I knew it all, I was wrong! From kilns to paint brushes and from parties to workshops, everything was covered. Loved it”
Rebecca Barris - New York

     “You need this class - you will learn what you don’t know - and that is invaluable. A must before deciding to add glass to your shop and a must if you have already added glass fusing. First things first - take the class!”
Wendy Hess - Colorado

     “The class is worth every penny. The small class size is perfect. Connie’s humor keeps the class even more interesting. The glass partners perfectly with the pottery.”
Jo Ann Smith - Oklahoma

     “I want to thank you for all the time you spent with me during my trip to Texas.  Initially I had thought that I'd just do some training via telephone, but at the last minute decided to go ahead and make the trip. It absolutely made all the difference in the world.  After even just a few hours I knew I had made the right decision by coming and realized how much I would have missed had I not.  Being able to see everything first hand and have it explained in such detail has made a huge difference in my confidence and abilities to handle the job of being a new PYOP studio owner and operator.  Your knowledge and experience has been an incredibly invaluable resource to me.  Thank you for everything.” 
Trish Smith - Maryland

     “So when it came down to figuring out how I was gonna learn enough about glass fusing to be able to teach it, I researched a lot. After figuring out my options I decided to do a 3 day training workshop with Connie. My mom and I were so excited to spend 3 days learning about glass fusing and our experience with Connie was above and beyond. We learned so much and got to make so many fun projects. I left there confident that I had the knowledge needed to go back to my studio and make glass fusing successful! Connie was a great teacher and I'm grateful for it all! I cannot stress enough that learning glass fusing with Connie was THE BEST!”
Dara Jones - Arizona

      “I was starting to have my doubts about whether the course would be able to teach me anything new, since I pride myself on being a pretty prepared individual and had taken to reading everything possible on the topic of opening a business, painting pottery, ceramics, clay, etc.  Boy was I wrong!  Not one minute of class time was wasted, and the amount of information packed into those six days was absolutely astounding.  Nothing can take the place of the hands on learning, the resources Connie has put together, and the friendships made over the course of six days spent learning alongside like-minded people.”
Tasha Hale - Washington

For one on one custom private training -
     “I came into this idea with a little knowledge of the craft, but not nearly enough to actually start and run the business.  I contacted Connie Speer for a training session.  After taking the time to talk with me and learn about my needs and wants for the business, Connie designed a personalized one-on-one 4 day training for me.  That was the best decision I made and best money spent regarding the start-up of my business.  We spent four intense training days together fusing glass, painting and dipping ceramics, creating samples for the studio, all the while learning every aspect of actually setting up the studio and running the business.  Connie was an amazing wealth of information, and my only concern was that I was going to retain it all!  She clearly knew the business inside and out, and anyone considering using her consulting services should truly take advantage of the opportunity she offers.  Connie and the American staff were welcoming and a pleasure to be around, and made the training experience so much richer.  I cannot thank them or recommend them all enough!”
Rachel Blaney - California

     "This is one of the most content-rich workshops I've ever taken. Connie and her team deliver on all of their promises, and more. Their experience, attention to the details and their knowledge of the industry are an invaluable commodity to anyone looking to start up in this business. If you are considering opening a pottery shop, you will be wasting your money UNLESS you take this program. "
Melissa Kramer - Canada

     “After contacting Connie, my husband and I decided it to be in our best interest to go to Texas for a private 5 day intensive training session. Although I generally don’t trust people easily, Connie was very gracious and hospitable from the start making it easy to see why so many people have given glowing recommendations!  Before going, Connie had recommended a car service to shuttle from the airport to the hotel. Great recommendation! He was on time and very friendly. She also suggested staying at the Holiday Inn in Arlington which was just renovated. Another great recommendation! Although I wanted to rent a car, Connie insisted we would not need one. She picked us up every morning from the hotel, worked all day, fed us, and drove us back to the hotel. There was no time to need a car or anything else for that matter. Connie had thought of everything!! Going to her facility enabled us to get invaluable hands on training with her, and her staff.  We were even given a binder full of information to read up on after we were done with our training. If you are looking for help with your existing PYOP, or just starting out call Connie. She’s more than a consultant, she’s the guru of PYOP’s!!
Tami and Mike Singer - New Jersey

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more references! Want to read some? Click here.


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