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American Ceramic Supply Company's owner and president, Pat Conner, is degreed and certified with every major ceramic manufacturer. Pat knows ceramics from the dirt up, as they say. With her degree towards geology, industry manufacturers have regularly tapped Pat for her scientific knowledge and experience. With over 65 years of ceramic experience and as owner of American Ceramic Supply Company for 48 years, Pat is everything ceramics. She is the expert ceramic guru.

The paint your own pottery consulting customers get to work with Pat one-on-one when they decide to offer clay hand building to their product offering mix in their studios. Pat teaches how to use the slab roller, work with clay molds, extruders, how to fire for low fire and high fire. Learning hands on how to make projects for both children and adults and especially for parties and art camps, the consulting customer learns from a true industry professional.

     Pat also is available to all our consulting customers long after they have opened their doors for on-going technical support for clay, firings and kilns. You’ll often hear her coaching a new studio (or an older one!) reminding them about how long to let the clay dry, how to candle the kiln, how to fire turning greenware to bisque and also for technical support with glaze issues.

     Our customers love Pat. She loves what she does, loves ceramics, loves helping the studios. She is a happy person; encouraging and supporting our fabulous consulting customers with expert advice, warmth and a grand sense of humor.

The staff at American are also highly qualified and committed to customer service and satisfaction. Traditional ceramic dealers, certified teachers, manufacturers, retail chains and paint your own pottery studios have sought and depended on American Ceramic Supply Company 's knowledge and experience. This effort has led American to become one of the the oldest, largest and most dependable distributors in the country.

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