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Pauline Rancourt has been involved in ceramics and pottery for over 50 years. Ms. Rancourt had one of the largest ceramic equipment and supplies distributorships in southern California for over seven years.

In 1993, Ms. Rancourt opened Groovy Art.Groovy Art was among the first contemporary studios in the country and at the forefront of this incredibly successful niche industry. Pauline went on to coach over 50 studios to help them open their own stores. She also became a Duncan ambassador traveling and teaching for them and was among the very few invited to their Creative Living Network. She even became the top consultant for the CLN before it was disbanded in 2005.

Pauline was invited to be a teacher and consultant for Mayco Colors in 2006. She has traveled the world for Mayco teaching beginning and advanced ceramic and pottery classes and continuing to coach Paint Your Own Pottery Studios. Her articles have been published by many popular ceramic magazines including both Fired Arts & Crafts and Popular Ceramics. Pauline retired from Mayco Colors in 2022.

     Ms. Rancourt is a professional artist and does custom work for clients around the country.

     We are so pleased to have her as one of our associate consultants to aid our new studio customers as they work towards opening their own studio. If you are hiring the Pottery Consultant for our Full Consulting Package, you may find you are speaking with Pauline from time to time. You will enjoy her vast knowledge of all things ceramic, her sense of humor and passion for this industry as she helps us guide you towards fulfilling your new Paint Your Own Pottery and Art Studio dream.

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