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     During our over 48 years in business, we have developed many partnerships and relationships that help us to help you. We continue to educate ourselves, keeping up to date on new trends in crafts and technology, to keep our customers up to date and in the know. Here is a partial listing of some of our partners - we call them The Pottery and Craft Consultant Resource Alliance. These businesses are not necessarily part of any consulting package, but resourced or recommended, as needed.

Skutt Kilns - ceramic and glass kilns and pottery wheels

Olympic Kilns - ceramic and glass kilns

L&L Kilns - ceramic kilns

Paragon Kilns - ceramic and glass kilns

Orton Ceramic Foundation - non-profit research foundation - firing, cones, vents

Mayco Colors - ceramic glazes, bisque, brushes, decorating accessories, education

Creative Paradise - glass, clay and ceramic molds, education

Royal Brush - brushes

Amaco - ceramic glazes, ceramic and glass kilns, pottery wheels, tools

Nidec Shimpo - wheels, slab rollers

Realtors - commercial real estate assistance

Social Artworking - Painting on Canvas

GR Pottery - clay hand building

Midwest Ceramic Supply

Creative Crafts

Diverse Woodworking

and many more.

The Pottery Consultant is a division of American Ceramic Supply Co.
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