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Hi! Welcome to The Pottery & Art Consultant’s web site.
I’m Connie Speer, The Paint Your Own Pottery & Art Studio Consultant at American.
We have helped over 600 Paint Your Own Pottery & Art Studios
open their own businesses all over the world
 - whether storefront, mobile or home based.
We have training and consulting programs and startup packages for paint your own pottery, glass fusing, clay - wheels and hand building, mosaics and other arts and crafts such as canvas painting, board art, candle making and silver art clay.

We welcome you to our web site! Here you will find all kinds of great information.
We encourage you to read through all of the web site, then if you have any questions, want to set up an initial consultation or register for an upcoming event,
please e-mail me at
You may also want to visit our parent company, American Ceramic Supply Company at
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A note from your paint your own pottery and art consultant, Connie Speer:

     Back in 1995 when we began seeing Contemporary Studios, now called Paint Your Own Pottery Studios, pop up around the country; most new studio owners were only offering painting on pottery bisque. A few of our industry leaders were most interested in finding out if this new trend in ceramics would last.  Some even flew here to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to chat with me about the potential future of this new way of doing ceramics. Using some trend forecasting methods, I realized that yes, it could last, it could grow, and it could be a contender in the main stream arts and crafts market.  Paint Your Own Pottery did have the potential to not only have longevity, but could develop into a major new art genre all its own.  That is, IF not only the new studio owners, but indeed the manufacturers and suppliers, all paid attention to new art and craft trends as they emerged, and IF new studio owners truly understood and applied themselves in the business and marketing arenas.

     So, we did something no one else in the ceramic industry had ever done before; we treated ceramic people like business people, treated potential new studio owners like entrepreneurs and addressed the issues of entrepreneurs. We introduced business plans, loan processes, identifying and obtaining the best locations, marketing and advertising planning in addition to our unique hands-on training methods.

     As the years have gone by, we continue to seek to identify and monitor new art and craft trends so that today’s new studios can choose a more diverse product offering for their own customer base.  This enables them to cast a wider net to capture a wider target audience. Today we offer training and resources of these new arts and crafts for those new Paint Your Own Pottery Studio owners that wish to take advantage of trends either when they open or after they have become more established and are ready to take on new products and ideas. We also continue to monitor the economic climate of not only the United States, but of the world and what that means to today’s new studios wishing to join this ever growing and immensely satisfying industry.

     Also continuing to monitor our vast customer base (both the successes and those that closed) we are able to identify exactly why a studio stays open and financially sound so we can better assist all the future new studio owners. We’ve been in the trenches with so many new studios for so many years; we have the most experience with new pottery and art businesses.  We know what they face trying to get open and what they deal with on a daily basis to stay open and profitable. All our training and consulting programs are geared towards helping you get open and stay open – using the newest trends, business strategies and technical support.

     The Pottery Consultant is supported by the biggest manufacturers in our industry in order to help you open your new Paint Your Own Pottery...and Art Studio. Read all our preliminary helpful articles, references and then email us!

  “I called Connie back in 2000 when I was thinking about opening a PYOP studio. She gave me the tools I needed to open and run a successful studio. And over the years I’ve continued to attend workshops at American to learn about the latest trends in the industry. I've called on Connie over the years for advice, and she's always been there to offer advice or just to listen when that was needed. Connie is very knowledgeable about the entire PYOP, art, craft and glass fusing industry from leasing a space and to firing your kilns, she's there to help you!      What's the best advice I could offer to someone thinking about opening a studio? E-mail Connie Speer!” Sandi Kirkwood - Clay Casa New Braunfels Read MANY more references! See below to view video references on our YouTube Channel.   1996 to 2023

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